Digital Advertising

With the advent of the internet, our world has changed and with the growing popularity of smartphones, our world is now changing fast.
Up-to-date information on every subject is immediately available on demand through smartphones connected to the internet.
While the number of people reading newspapers continues to drop, the number of people using smartphones continues to increase.
The average smartphone user spends 90 minutes a day on their phone. This is the new frontier for marketing.

Digital Marketing Advantages

When using their smartphones, users are typically fully engaged and paying attention. When smartphone users see something they like,
they can click on it and get more information. You can’t do that with newspapers, radio and television.
This gives internet advertising a distinctive edge over traditional forms of advertising.

In Market

In market advertising targets internet users who are actively searching for a specific product or service. If a user is considering buying a new phone, they might go on-line and look at the different types of phones. This is considered to be the most highly qualified prospect. I can put your business in front of these prospects.

Affinity Market

These are people who have recently searched for a specific product or service. Quite often people will do research, but might not make their purchase right away. I can place your business in front of these prospects.


When a customer engages with your advertising, they may not make a purchase right away. It now takes multiple exposures to convert a prospect into a customer. I can help you re-engage with prospects.


Advertising Mediums

Search Network

The search network provides the opportunity for you to find potential customers who are actively searching for your product or service. These are the word ads that appear in Google search results. This is considered an In-Market search.

Display Advertising

Display advertisements are the image ads you see on our advertising partners websites. This provides you with the opportunity to place your business in front of prospects who have recently searched for your product or service or have recently showed an interest in your product or service.

Video Advertising

Video advertising provides the opportunity for you to engage with prospects in ways that traditional forms or advertising can’t. We can place your ad on youtube, facebook and numerous other advertising platforms.

Facebook Advertising

Facebook advertising provides the opportunity to engage with prospects using both video and display advertisements and drive traffic to your website or Facebook page.

Target Markets

We can geographically and demographically target he ideal audience for each of the aforementioned mediums.
We can also target interests and themes to further refine your advertising campaign.

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